Rehabilitation Deatils

Southland National Insurance Company is in rehabilitation. Please refer to the links below for important information.

All documents are provided or approved by the Special Deputy Rehabilitator, appointed by the Commissioner of Insurance for the State of North Carolina, in his capacity as court appointed Rehabilitator.

Legacy Mothe DLE & SNIC policies issued since 2017

Customer Service
Phone: 833-452-4240     Fax: 833-452-4241

Mailing Address

For Policy Administration & Claims
P.O. Box 12713
Durham, NC 27709

For Premium (checks only – do not mail cash)
PO Box 639630
Cincinnati, OH 45263-9630

Administrative Office

2327 Englert Dr
Durham, NC 27713

For SNIC Whole Life policies issued 2015 or earlier: 800-842-8960
For SNIC Pre-Need policies issued in 2015 or earlier : 800-277-8762

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